Little Things

Group Show - St Cloche Gallery, Paddington





Rosby Vineyard, Mudgee


"Coming Together"

1.8m x 1.9m



Solo show  Sept/Oct 2020


This body of work is based on three types of tiling. Firstly, aperiodic tiling, which is defined as completely covering a plane with two geometric shapes, whilst not creating repeating patterns (as is the case with triangles, squares or hexagons). This tiling is also called Penrose Tiling, after the mathematician who developed it (Nobel Prize 2020), and utilizes the angles of the pentagon as its basis.


Importantly these tilings are not computable because, although using local rules for each individual tile placement, there is a very large number of possible global configurations. Examples below No 3 and 4.


Secondly, some works in the exhibition display quasi-aperiodic tiling, in which modules of aperiodic tiling are repeated to form patterns. Examples below No 1,2 1nd 3.


Thirdly, there are works which are completely periodic, with only one geometric shape utilized to cover the plane in repeating patterns. Examples below No 6 and 7.

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